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Are You Facing Career Issues?

You spend one-third of your life at work. Hence, you can face many career issues for different reasons leading to work stress. In any workplace, you have conflict, and the majority stems from the vast job roles, expectations, personalities clashing, and bullying.

Hence, the tension manifesting in a workplace can lead to different negative psychological symptoms. A fact is that much research shows that job stress leads to anxiety and depression.

So, talking to work and career counselors in Austin can help minimize job anxieties.

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Common Issues Faces at Work

In the workplace, you can find many common issues arising:

  • Communication Problems
  • Gossip taking place
  • You find interpersonal conflicts
  • You have issues with work performance
  • Low motivation and job satisfaction
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Sexual and racial discrimination

In the work environment, you have different people of different races, communication, and nationalities, each with a different view in a small space. These differences result in work issues.

Still, you have the right to be treated fairly and feel safe at work as an employee. Yet, you find people not feeling safe as they face bullying, harassment, or discrimination.

A good example is the LGBT community which does not have protection with work policies. So, no matter the issues, it can decrease performance to productivity leading to stress and other mental health issues.

“I had a situation thinking I was being discriminated. So I spoke to a lovely counselor at Marriage Counseling of Austin. The fact is that I was my worst enemy and not being discriminated by anyone. My biggest fear was failing and looking for exuses.”

- H Hughes (Austin)

Are You In a Stressful Career?

You can find many positions that bring a lot of stress. One general theory is the job demand-control (JDC) model. The model states that there is little control over working conditions in a high-stress-demand career. These are job categories like pilots, police officers, teachers, etc.

Workplace Issues and Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help treat different mental concerns in the workplace, from anxiety, and depression, to other issues. For example, you can manage your work-related stress when you manage your skills for coping, and only a therapist can teach you this.

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The counselor can help you with cognitive behavioral therapy to help you identify your unhealthy thoughts. Hence, it helps improve your mood and your well-being. Other forms of treatment can be meditation to relieve stress with exercises to improve your ability to handle job conflict and improve communication.

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Discourage Mental Health Issues Today 

It is not easy to disclose your mental health concerns to your boss. However, even if you have mental health concerns, your employee cannot fire you as long as you perform your work. So, if you are concerned about disclosing your problems, why not receive some support by visiting one of our work and career counselors in Austin? Marriage Counseling of Austin has qualified therapists to help you with work stress.