Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is a process of preparing two people who are about to get married for the challenges that lie ahead. It's designed with one goal in mind-to help you have an awesome marriage! We will explore your relationship, discuss what might potentially go wrong when things aren't perfect between us (and how we can fix them), and identify any issues before they become major problems later on down the line so there isn’t anything left unaddressed or unexpected come divorce time around...

It sounds cliché but this really does seem like something worth thinking hard about before taking such a big step like getting married; especially when over half of all marriages in the U.S end up in divorce.

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Premarital Counseling Benefits

Couples therapy can help reduce divorce by 31% compared to couples who have had no premarital counseling. This is because the benefits of Premarital Counseling include highlighting key areas that could cause conflict in your marriage, such as finances and career goals for both partners; family dynamics when raising children alone or together at home with another person (ex: single mom); how you plan on adapting if one decides they want a different lifestyle than what was planned.

Couples should always get professional advice before getting married! A good marriage counselor will help you both understand each other's expectations, fears, and needs going into the marriage.

“We told our parents they had nothing to worry about. Trevor and I were made for each other. To set their minds at ease we went to Marriage Counseling of Austin. Our parents feel happier, and Trevor and I are even closer and looking forward to our big day.”

- Trevor and Bell

Where Can We find Premarital Counseling?

A knowledgeable therapist is a key to success, but it's not always easy finding one. Marriage and family therapists who are licensed along with Our Family Counseling Therapists normally provide premarital counseling as an addition to the other services in their practice; however there may also be times where partners intimate enough for this type of treatment can seek help from someone else if they so choose - either by attending group therapy sessions or workshops offered within community programs (such as marriage preparation), watching self-help books on DVD audiences available locally etc...

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Premarital Counseling Challenges

Premarital counseling can be a challenge for some individuals as they may not like the thought of speaking to therapist or feeling anxiety and fear over issues that arise during therapy sessions. Some couples find it hard at first because both partners have never shared their individual values, partnership roles, beliefs before coming into this type of setting where all these things will need discussion amongst each other which could make them uncomfortable with regards how much should really share?

It is important though since we want everyone in our lives having fun working together happily ever after - whether its marriage proposal!

Premarital Counseling Session Expectations

Premarital counseling sessions vary from therapist to therapist and some may wish for each partner attended individual without another present in order get a better understanding of how they feel about marriage.

other's recommend having an open discussion with both parties together so that everyone has input into what steps will need taken if things go south down the line, but by going through this process beforehand couples are able speak freely which could help avoid future problems...


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Couples who have gone through premarital counseling sessions together are more confident in their ability to work through any issues that may arise. Couple's commitment is recognized, and they know what steps need taken if the relationship becomes rocky or difficult.

For example: one partner might become distant after marriage; another starts acting sad all hours of day because he/she doesn't want his children around anymore- these types things could happen no matter how much time passes since couples went into a Pre Wedding Counseling session with an expert by your side!