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Everyone Experiences Losses in Life

Somewhere in life, we all go through a sense of loss. But most of the time, we do our best to avoid the intense sadness that goes with it is known as heartache.

Yes, grieving hurts, and it is a natural way to give you a sense of calm with time. Still, we try to avoid that pain but avoiding and prolonging the feelings of grief is not healthy. Sometime it can make you over stressed.

The fastest way to help relieve those uncomfortable feelings for numerous people is to let them go and allow yourself to feel as much as possible. Unfortunately, by avoiding the loss, you do not get over it.


Yet, many people think those painful feelings of despair are only related to death, as you lost an incredible person you love. The truth is that sorrow comes in many forms, from retirement, changing jobs, divorce, children leaving home, and aging.

But grieving is expected whether you lost a loved one or something or going through a major life event. Those intense feelings are a personal journey and vary from one person to another.

Yet, a common type of grieving is bereavement which can lead to the experience of loss with anger and sadness. These types of pain of grief surface at any time depending on your beliefs, how emotionally attracted you are, and other factors also come into play.

Thus, the grief process, no matter the reason, is not a light-hearted topic.

Difficult Experiences With Sorrow

Feelings people experience differ from person to person. But common symptoms of grief can be seen in most people. So while you need time with grief and notice these symptoms that are slowly getting out of control, it helps to see a therapist for a grief counseling session.

Physical Feelings 

  • Deep sadness with a lot of sighing and crying
  • Always have a headache
  • Not eating or finding it difficult to sleep
  • Very frail and tired

Emotional Feelings 

  • Sensations of despair and longing
  • Emotions of concern or outrage
  • Sentiments of frustration or regret

Social Distance

  • Feeling disconnected from others
  • No social contact
  • Abnormal behavior

Stages of grief are different from one to another as you can continue with your daily routine but not be able to get out of bed. Regardless of your symptoms, suffering and bereavement counseling can help get you through the grief process.

“"A while ago, I lost my Becky and still grieve. Yet with time, I learned how to deal with the situation better. I have cried and laughed, but nothing is gonna bring her back. The Marriage Counseling of Austin helped me through my grieving process to get my life back on track."

- M Knox (West Austin)

Grieving Experience and Healing 

When you lose something or someone dear to you, your personal experience differs.

For some people, a transformative experience is fast to get back on track and resume life as usual. But if you feel you are stuck in a circle with no light at the end to bring relief from the pain, it can be that you have complicated distress. These intense feelings can become overwhelming as you try not to get reminded of the past.

So, if you're walking around in a daze, not eating, drinking, or starting to use drugs to numb that pain, then Austin Grief Counseling is the best thing you can do to help you overcome it.

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You need to go through the stages of grief, but talking to someone about your pain is the best road to healing and recovery. An experienced grief counselor will provide you with the assistance to move past all your feelings of wanting to avoid pain.

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Here at Marriage Counselors of Austin, we have highly trained counselors that can help you through your loss.

The truth is you can heal from your heartache with the help of grief counseling in Austin. Contact us now to help you understand what you are currently going through.

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