Infidelity Counseling Austin

Infidelity Counseling Austin

An Affair is Devastating

Whether you or a partner betrayed each other, it turns your relationship inside out and upside down. The pain of infidelity leaves psychological scars, and your typical couples or marriage counseling does not heal those wounds.

The fact remains that unfaithfulness remains painful, and it can break up your relationship. Still, there are ways to help you overcome your fling and improve your life with your betrayed partner.

Your partner can feel confused, sad, and even worse if it is the first time they are cheated on.

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Therapy After Infidelity 

Infidelity counseling in Austin is tailor-made couples counseling for the ramifications of infidelity to recover. Here at Marriage Counseling Austin, we provide therapy after an affair that takes care of multiple issues that need addressing, as there is always trauma after adultery.

"I met a lady  and  became mesmerized, and my relationship with my wife suffered. I broke down and acknowledged it to my missis. I was not able to stop until I talked to a therapist at Marriage Counseling of Austin. I felt bad and needed to boost my ego. My ego is now in check thanks to them and my devoted wife."

- Dominic Lewis (Austin)

The Trauma After an Affair Discovery 

Discovering that your partner cheated on you sets different motions into action. First, you get the emotional to psychological reaction. Your body is flooded with intense emotions, from pain, anger, and anxiety to depression. With sleepless nights you cannot focus on completing tasks at work, and you start to feel insecure.

Affair counseling sessions can help you get through your intense crisis. It allows you to develop a self-care plan, which is the priority if you have been cheated on. It is an affair recovery journey that affair partners need to take. Why? As you need to reestablish the loss of trust and get emotional safety.

The central pillar of all relationships with the majority of people is trust. However, once your confidence shatters, that emotional security that held you in place is far away. With Marriage Counseling Austin, you can take steps to rebuild that foundation of trust to provide you with emotional safety, as it is part of your healing process.

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Making Sense of Your Unhappy Marriage

With infidelity counseling Austin the betrayed partner,  is flooded with questions about why it happened. Both of you may need answers as it allows you to address the current issue you both face.

During a couples/marriage/premarital counseling session, you start to explore those questions going through your mind as to what went wrong. When an underlying issue remains a mystery, it becomes difficult to start feeling secure in your future relationship.

The truth is discovering the reasons for the affair happening is not easy. It takes soul-searching from both partners, even if the one feels the other is bad. Answers to the questions are not always forthcoming, and a quick response does not reveal the whole picture.

In most cases, the partner that cheated regrets what they have done and feels horrible that they caused so much pain. However, the adulterer, in some cases, might also want to understand why they took such an action.

The discovery of infidelity is painful, but marriage counseling helps shed the issues for couples. Sometimes, individual therapy will be combined with relationship counseling to make it beneficial.

Infidelity Counseling Helps You Understand 

There is no excuse for infidelity, but with an experienced infidelity counselor, you and your partner can work together to build trust and respect for one another again. In addition, it will help to heal your emotional wounds as you can find different forms of infidelity.

Our infidelity counseling session is tailored to your needs and allows you to open up emotionally to express your needs in a supportive environment. The primary purpose of infidelity therapy sessions is to work together to help reestablish the trust you lost.

Furthermore, with our traditional infidelity counseling, the therapist will show you how you can work together to build trust and support each other. If you are in a committed relationship, the therapy will also help you to examine the timeline leading to the adultery.

It will help to identify the emotional distance to stress damaging the bond between you. These can be from repeated arguments, job loss, financial stress, etc. Then the two of you can build on your primary relationship to move past the pain.

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Couples Therapy for Cheating

When it comes to infidelity counseling in Austin, there is no quick fix, even if you were in a loving relationship before it happened. However, you can face many relationship challenges when it comes to relationship building, and the solutions presented need to work for both.

The only way you can achieve this is with the guidance of a professional counselor here at Marriage Counseling Austin. The counselor will show you the perception of adult relationships equipping you with the right tools to improve your communication and control your emotions.

While many couples start with their counseling without a goal, the therapy helps them decide in what direction to move with their relationship. This can be separating or reconciling.

Find Hope In Your Relationship With Infidelity Counseling

Here at Marriage Counseling Austin, we have experienced counselors who can help you with infidelity. We work with diverse people who know no single solution works for all to make a relationship healthier.

For this reason, we have tailored counseling sessions to ensure both parties' wishes to expectations are met. So, if you and your partner are ready to overcome the infidelity pain, contact us today to help. The truth is, together, we will find a resolution to your problem to make your relationship healthy and work.