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Images of Addiction?

As Addiction Counseling Professionals of Austin, we have encountered different addiction issues and provide a variety of addiction treatments. But what is addiction?

Well, an addiction we can explain as follows: Sally enjoys gambling online for hours. Just the thrill of the bells ringing in her ear makes her want to win more and more.

For her, it was a hobby at first, but no one thought that her hobby would become a problem. Her husband returned from work and found the children alone as Sally was at the casino. The known fact is that people struggle with addiction in many forms.

The same can be said about James, who has a nightly bar routine. The thing is that it is not clear if he enjoys social engagement or alcohol. James comes from a small town, and many neighbors talk about his ability to drink more than anyone else.

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One evening after such a night, a cop pulls him over as he does not turn on the car's headlights. It resulted in a breathalyzer test and DUI. The problem is that James struggles with addiction in the form of substance abuse.

These are some examples of addiction, and the list goes on, from sexual habits non-drug addictions, addiction to drugs, and more.

"Where do I start? Austin was my weakness. I was living in a dream world. I live and work here and a high roller I'm not. Once the therapist at Marriage Counseling of Austin made me realize who I was, I stopped the gambling, and the drinking quickly halted after that."

J Wayne (Austin North)

Important Addiction Definitions and Thoughts 

Addiction can be anything from non-drug addiction to alcohol, drugs, medication, or an activity like sex, shopping, or gambling. So, the addiction can be physical, like using illicit substances, or psychological, like gambling, sex, or shopping. Thus, people use these methods to cope with their daily life.

These chronic behaviors become impossible to control, leading to other activities and a means to fuel or hide the addiction. No matter the habit, the addict keeps pursuing dependency no matter the outcome.

Furthermore, the person also plays the blame game, saying external factors from marital issues, divorce, stressful jobs, to the environment making them do what they do. Hence, they do not take personal responsibility for what they do.

For example, a known fact is that when a person comes for alcohol addiction treatment, our therapists find that most people always want the high effect of chronic use.

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With repeated use, their body becomes susceptible, and the only way to reach a higher level of feeling good is to increase their substance intake. With ongoing use, the person's body changes, and they rely on that drug to help them function normally.

The ongoing use is not only limited to an addiction to drugs or alcohol but is the same with gambling, sexual addiction, overeating, etc. So, whether you or another person has behavioral or substance-related addictions, it always starts as an experiment, like going to the casino and winning vast amounts of money.

Sometimes addiction also covers up other problems from chronic illness, depression, or other disorders. Thus the more a person takes illicit substances or partakes in gambling leads to other psychological effects and loss of self-control.

Characteristics of Addiction Include:

  • Addicts experience patterns of rebellious behavior
  • There has been substance abuse present for more than a year
  • The increase in substance use over time with mood swings
  • The person feels shame or self-worthlessness
  • A person develops impulse control problems
  • The needs to be approved or liked
  • Uses substances to reduce anxiety or depression
  • A person is unmanageable and has an obsession with the substance
  • With time the person is a danger to themself and others
  • The person cannot control their actions

Steps to Overcome Addictions 

If you know someone with an addiction, you are concerned about their well-being and safety. However, if you suffer from an obsession or know someone who does, immediate steps must be taken to prevent harm.

A simple way is to try your best to keep that person safe. Still, if you're part of physical to sexual abuse, if a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you need to separate yourself from that situation fast.

You might not need to separate yourself yet for verbal abuse, but in both cases, you need to seek out counseling for substance abuse. Your approach to addiction counseling starts here with us at Marriage Counseling of Austin.

You can do this with the following steps:

  • Never allow a person to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs for their safety and yours.
  • Encourage the cessation of use letting them know you're concerned, and discontinuing the use is good for them and their loved ones.
  • Prompt for a medical checkup to find out how severe the addiction has become. In a substance abuse counseling session, an experienced addiction counselor can provide them with objectives as to why they need to make lifestyle changes.

The important thing is to find help with addiction counseling Austin offices like Marriage Counseling of Austin. Our therapists are trained and experienced to help you or a loved one with addiction problems.

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