Divorce Counseling Austin

When The Relationship Ends

Ending a long-term relationship or marriage is one of the most significant life transitions anyone can make. Yet, the truth is no one enters into a relationship to find themselves ending it.

No matter the reason for the loss or the dreams one had, it is a difficult decision to make and affects entire families. So, whether you're considering divorce, going through post-divorce, or considering divorce, the decision to divorce brings a lot of emotions.

Whether you face divorce or planning to make this permanent decision, you feel sad, angry, infidelity, concerned for the children, worry about finances, and might even feel relieved.

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The problem is that you might find it challenging to make sense of your life circumstances at this given time. You will feel on top of the world one moment and then flooded with anger or sadness.

"We married young, so what can I say. Our relationship went downhill fast. It wasn't what I wanted, yet I had no idea how to put it right. Marriage Counseling of Austin new what we should do. If we can't be married, that's not to say we can't split without dragging each other through the dirt."

- A Rival (Austin)

So Many Uncertainties That Affect Your Entire Life

When it comes to divorce, the future seems uncertain. You did not imagine you'll be single again. Relationship loss makes you feel angry, exhausted, sad, and frustrated.

For families, there is the concern if the kids will be okay. As a mom, you wonder how you will manage the household, parenting, and work. You wonder if you will find happiness and peace after your relationship breakup.

Neither did you think you might need clarity discernment therapy, breakup counseling, or even pre-divorce counseling? Well, the truth is that you are joining up to 50% of American couples that get divorced.

Still, it remains a personal, painful, and life-changing experience for women and men.

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Change Family Dynamics With Experienced Counselors

If you're considering breaking up a marriage or long-term relationship and still have a committed relationship, it does not have to end up in a divorce. At Marriage Counseling of Austin, we provide different couples therapy to help you decide whether to work on the relationship or end it.

Hence, therapy for couples considering a breakup is split up into discernment therapy & divorce therapy. During both these types of sessions, family circumstances are considered. Working with a qualified counselor here at Marriage Counseling Austin is essential.

Discernment vs. Traditional Mariage Counseling

When you visit a marriage counselor in Austin, there are quite a few options available, and we will discuss each one here:

The Goal of Discernment Counseling

With discernment counseling, it allows couples to pause for a while and reflect on different options on the way forward. Compared to traditional marriage counseling, discernment counseling sessions aim to improve your marriage.

The therapist does not presume that both partners want to save the marriage, but both are willing to look at what caused them to fail and whether they want to repair it or break up.

So,  discernment counseling is a period to focus on if you can resolve your problems. So, the counseling sessions help you to consider if divorce is what you want and helps you look at your relationship again before ending your marriage relationship.

The Goal of Marriage Counseling

When a marriage counselor in Austin helps you with marriage counseling, the therapist assumes that you and your partner want to work on your relationship.

So, with the therapist, both partners make an effort in couples therapy to work out their differences from communication problems, power struggles, disconnection, misunderstandings, loneliness, or even the loss of passion they once shared.

Still, if all else fails and the longterm relationship ends, we here at Marriage Counseling Austin can help with other therapeutic relationship sessions.

Divorce Counseling 

Whether you are in a committed relationship and your partner wants out,  it helps to go for divorce counseling. With the help of individual counseling, therapists will help you through the divorce process.

They will help you get through your life changes and the loss of your spouse and assist you with high-conflict divorces. Furthermore, the counselor can help you properly communicate about co-parenting issues and how to handle your children's alienation issues.

Still, focusing on divorce counseling helps you with all the emotional issues you feel, from anger to sadness and so much more. Hence, it enables you to move forward to get a new start and live a new life without your partner.