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Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Some mornings Carol can barely get out of bed as she has insomnia. Nevertheless, she must get to work and drag herself out of bed to the office. Still, there are days she misses going to work.

Even when friends call to go out, she seldom agrees to join in the fun. Neither does she engage in anything she used to love. Depression and anxiety are painful mental disorders you find in American adults.

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It sucks out all the joy in people's daily lives. While many people think it is the blues, the fact is that people going through depression in everyday life cannot just snap out of it.

Depression causes barriers in life and is a real disorder that needs treatment as it can range from life issues to a person's life. So, if you or someone close to you is going through this life experience, the first step is to get help.

With a depression or anxiety therapy session, you or a loved one can reclaim your life. With a depression counselor, you can build a level of trust to share all your intimate feelings that could be causing your anxiety or depression concerns.

What Has Anxiety To Do With Depression?

In every person, anxiety is a normal emotion we all go through. Still, when things start getting too much, it can result in depression that interferes with everyday life events.

The reason is that the mind goes into overdrive, and if something happens from difficult life circumstances, the mind keeps thinking of it, and a person's mood drops, leading to depression or even addiction.

Furthermore, anxiety can also result from a  physical illness like cancer or heart disease. These illnesses can decrease a person's self-esteem as the health declines.

"My partner passed away a few years ago, and I retreated within myself. I reprimanded myself and started sinking deeper into self-hate and ended up with misery. My health suffered, and a friend helped me to help myself taking me to therapy. My friend made an appointment with Marriage Counseling of Austin. They understood my problem, and after the counseling service of a month I snapped out of it."

- C Gable

Anxiety & Depression Symptoms 

Anxiety and depression can result from a range of life issues. It can be from stressful life events like abuse or losing a loved one to seasonal changes and genetics.

Most people in life suffering from anxiety or depression have feelings of sadness, but there are other emotional to physical symptoms that our anxiety counselors have found. These include:

  •  Insomnia or Sleeping Too Much
  •  Irritability
  • Loss of appetite or overeating to losing interest in hobbies
  • The feeling of guilt or hopelessness
  • Depressed Mood
  • Libido Problems
  • Poor concentration with the lack of making decisions
  • Always feeling tiered
  • Recurring thoughts of suicide


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These are only some feelings that a person can go through when they are anxious or depressed. So, if you can associate with any of the above, do not tackle the problem alone.

These physical symptoms result from your body going into a fight or flight mode. We have a team of therapists that are talented people that can help. Contact one of our anxiety and depression therapists in Austin today.

With their help, you can get rid of those painful feelings and walk the road to recovery.

Emotional Symptoms Not to Be Ignored

When it comes to anxiety and depression, there are persistent feelings resulting in warning signs. So, what do you need to look for to know if you or a person is depressed?

Some signs that thousands of people show can be mood swings, severe drinking, or even substance abuse. You will notice a lack of self-care, or the person does not want to get out of bed.

Sometimes a person can come over confused or have hallucinations, or mention suicide. You may find yourself or another person feeling agitated and unable to focus or become paranoid.

If you notice any warning signs in your personal life or another one's life, reach out for help today. Contact the Suicide Hotline at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, available 24/7 for support at 512-866-5094 to prevent suicide attempts.

Anxiety & Depression Recovery

When you work with our experienced counselors in Austin, it is the key to recovery. But there are other helpful things you can do to help manage your anxiety and depression. With our licensed counselors, you can have individual counseling, and you can also:

Practice to Relax: With your depression counseling, you can do meditation to help ease your depression symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Exercise: Working out has loads of benefits as it helps build a healthy body and mind. Your body produces endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin when you exercise, which makes you feel happy and relaxed.

Eat Healthily: Eating healthy and exercising go hand in hand. When you eat unhealthy food, it is associated with feelings of guilt. Avoiding these foods and limiting your alcohol intake can lessen the symptoms related to depression.

Antidepressant Medication: Depending on your type of counseling, a therapist can prescribe antidepressants to help treat your mental condition.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT is another form of trauma counseling that can help treat anxiety and depression disorders. With CBT, you can learn to control your fear and the feelings associated with it.

Get Anxiety Counseling Today

No matter your anxiety or depression fears, we here at Marriage Counseling of Austin can help you make sense of the happenings in your life. So, if you feel anxious or depressed, contact a life coach to get help to challenge those barriers that make you feel this way.