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Even if you think that your children will be able to handle the news of a divorce between their parents, they may not actually understand what's going on. This makes it even more tricky when these younger ones are involved in an emotional dispute over custody or support rights with one parent who wants them spend less time with another person altogether! But for older kids who already know about separation because Mommy went off into her own place sometimes (and maybe Daddy too), coming terms can become easier after all this business is taken care-of once and awhile.

Marriage and Family Therapy – What is it?

Beneath its surface, marriage is a beautiful institution that brings two people together to share life's greatest gift: love. But when there are issues in your relationship or family unit (or both), it can be difficult for you feel accepted by those closest to you; especially if emotions have been running high due recent events outside of anyone’s control .

That doesn't mean these problems won't get better on their own though! The best way forward may just involve seeking professional counsel like I did last week after my husband revealed some surprising information about his past which had significant impact on how I saw him.

Therapy sessions are conducted as follows: The meeting begins with a client's presenting problem. Next, they discuss any existing symptoms and how it affects their daily lives before moving on to determine what kind of treatment would be best for them based off both short term goals (like depression) or long-term ones such anxiety disorder which may not have an immediate fix but still need addressing somehow anyway. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is commonly used in marriage and family counseling to help change negative thinking patterns that might be causing or exacerbating conflict within the relationship.

Who are MFT’s?

The Marriage and Family Therapists at our clinic offer a number of services, including individual sessions for couples who are struggling to save their relationship.

They work with each client in order to better understand the source conflict that is present between them personally as well as within your family unit or household if you have minor children from previous relationships also residing there too - this will help identify possible solutions on how best we can proceed forward together towards healing & hope!What will happen in my first session?